Andrew speaks on a variety of topics which can be adapted for keynotes, entire faculties, or smaller cohorts of teachers. 


All 4s and 5s

"All 4s and 5s" is given as a keynote or a professional development session with teachers. Using Andrew's core beliefs about creating a culture where 4's and 5's are the norm, we helped class averages soar from 1.9 with very low pass rates to 4.45 with a 100% pass rate in just 3 years. Any student can do this if we believe in them. The philosophy starts with creating something unique for our students- the "end users" of our design that drive our instruction. From there, we discuss concrete ways to build rigor, relationships, and reliable measures of assessment to ensure your students are on track. Andrew will present 10 key points that will examine mindsets relating to teacher investment in the course, goals and outcomes of AP, and even investigate individual teacher policies that can help achievement rates.

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Creating a Culture of success

Creating a culture of success is built on a school-wide system and commitment. While individual teachers will always be the driving force behind student success, programmatic and cultural deposits in the school's programs have the most lasting impact on sustained success. We explore the identification process to find potential in all students. We focus on recruitment because students must know the institution not only provides support, but believes in their ability to succeed. We innovate our own supports and are responsive to the needs our students and teachers. When our students feel supported, our teachers feel supported. All of these ideas, when coupled with motivated teachers, can help achieve an school culture of success. 


redefining technology in the classroom

Blended learning is a hot topic in education. This full or half day seminar focuses on strategies and best practice in blended learning- a key part of capturing student interest on THEIR terms, not ours. Andrew will share over 30 web 2.0 sites and show examples of how they can be used in different subject areas with different aged students. The latest and greatest tools including Blendspace, TedEd, EdPuzzle, and Screencastify are explored.