Village Project Consulting LLC

Andrew and the Village Project Consulting team will deliver professional development to your staff. Our contracts last anywhere from one day to three years. The focus of our teacher professional development is on best practices in delivery of AP instruction and classroom policy. We also focus on common writing strategies and articulation among AP teachers. The focus of our administrative professional development is on the identification, outreach and support process within the program. Our ideas for supporting  both teachers and students will help redefine the role of AP classes in your school and help build a sustainable culture that will ultimately increase achievement.

What our process looks like....

Andrew and his team take a critical look at your AP program and design a pathway for improved test scores and a culture that supports success. We start by listening to teachers, administration, and students about the "state of the union" at your school. From there, we begin to build supports that help a school identify students with AP potential. Often times, teachers do not feel like they have the "right" students in their AP classes. Our process takes a critical look at identification and outreach to find students with grit, work ethic, and an AP mindset. 

From there, our team will introduce ideas that are vital to supporting both students and teachers. If our students are well supported, our teachers will feel well supported. After year one, we will analyze the gains in AP scores and culture around the building. By taking a look at hard data and the anecdotal feedback within your space, we can redefine the goals and continue to build new supports. Supports can range from personalized writing training with your students on Saturdays to professional development working on AP curriculum with your staff. 

Your enrollment and achievement numbers will increase, but it's the culture that will create a lasting impact on your program. 

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